Local Strawberry Farm in Georgia

Fresh Strawberries in GeorgiaOur 2019 strawberry season has arrived!

What sounds more enticing than sinking your teeth into a sweet juicy strawberry on a warm summer day? Strawberries are one of the most favored of fruits among all ages! The red cone-shaped fruit is a member of the rose family as it is the only fruit with its seeds arranged on its exterior.  Strawberries are the first fruit to ripen in the spring and are generally farmed in Georgia between the months of April and June. Strawberries vary in size, color and shape, with the fruits containing more water as they grow. When selecting ripened strawberries, it is suggested to choose berries of a bright, deep red color with a green leafy cap. Unripe berries have yellowish, green tented areas on their surface. The redder, the better! 

Local strawberryThe little bites of heaven are typically consumed in quantity with a serving size equaling a cup; approximately 8 strawberries. The snack is so appetizing they can be addicting, but honestly who’s counting? A cup of strawberries is less than 50 calories and is rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Fresh berries are a good source of Vitamin-C, a strong natural antioxidant, supporting the body’s immune system to help fight illnesses and infections. Strawberries are also filled with both vitamin A and B and are comprised with a significant amount of potassium, manganese, fluoride, copper and iron.  Therefore, no guilt when indulging in these naturally sweet eats!

With 13-acres devoted to farming 150,000 delicious plants, strawberries are one of Jaemor Farms top selling produce items at our Georgia farm in Alto and at our market in Commerce. The versatile fruit is perfect as a nutritious snack, a topping for a spring salad or baked into a tasty dessert. What is more tempting than strawberries hand-dipped in chocolate and coated in candy or even better, Jaemor’s famous Strawberry Million Dollar Pie? We also have a great recipe for strawberry lemonade and tips to freeze strawberries.

Here at Jaemor Farms, we have a variety of baked items filled with freshly picked strawberries.  If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about our strawberries and their availability, contact us today!