About Jaemor

Jaemor Farms is a family owned and operated business that has been producing quality produce for more than 100 years. We recognize the growing importance of high quality, fresh produce; therefore, we practice sustainable agriculture in all that we do – and you can taste the difference in all of our produce – from ripe, juicy peaches to sweet strawberries to delicious white half runner beans. The fruit of our labor is for your pleasure, and we hope you can appreciate our efforts as much as we do. We take pride in our ability to offer fresh quality produce and strive to deliver a taste you can’t experience elsewhere. Beyond an on-farm shopping, we have also offer activities for all ages including an annual six-acre corn maze, farm tours and field trips. Jaemor Farms is more than a family business, it is an outdoor experience that you, your family, class and organization can all enjoy.
Jaemor Farms is established 1912
Newspaper clipping with image of Timothy Echols in front of a truck
Tim Echols plants & harvests first peaches and sells product to customers traveling along Cornelia Hwy. in Lula, Ga
Image of the Echol's Orchard sign
Son, George Echols, leads Echols Orchard. George and his wife had several children, including Jimmy Echols.
Jimmy and Valvoreth with peaches in a car
Jimmy and Valvoreth marry and take over farming operation. Farm size is 88 acres.
Picture of Jimmy in an orchard
Jimmy purchases 100 acres of land in Lula. This is the land where Jaemor Farm Market is now built.
4th generation of the Echols family
Echols raise 4th generation on the farm
Image of the building of the Alto Jaemor Farm Market
Echols Orchard is rebranded as J.A.E.M.O.R. and Jaemor Farm Market is opened.
Aerial photo of Jaemor Farms in 1985
Mid 1980s
Farm market develops
Jesse Echols picking peaches in newspaper clipping
Family continues working together as the 5th generation is raised on the farm
Dreamwork makes the teamwork
Dream work makes team work!
5th generation at Jaemor Farms
5th generation returns on the farm
Aerial photo of Jaemor's first corn maze
First corn maze opens
Picture of strawberries in basket on back of a truck
Jaemor harvest first strawberry crop
Image of children on field trip learning about pumpkins
School field trip program expands
6th generation at Jaemor Farms
6th generation raised on and around the farm
Image of storefront grand opening of banks crossing
Jaemor Farms at Banks Crossing opens
Jaemor Farms current family
We invite you to come taste the difference family makes!

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