Field Trips to Jaemor

We love to host elementary school students and provide them with a unique learning experience. If you’re looking for a farm field trip for your class or grade level Jaemor Farms is ready. During their time here, your students will be exposed to presentations that correlate with the Georgia Standards of Excellence for children in kindergarten through fifth grades. From utilizing their senses to learning about how plants grow, we believe that a farm field trip to Jaemor will help students further apply STEM related knowledge and recognize that there are more than 300 career opportunities related to food and agriculture, in addition to farming. Our trips rotate based on the season, so that students learn based on what is immediately happening on the farm.
Schedule a Field Trip
Mid April – Mid May: Strawberry field trips
September: Apple field trips
October: Pumpkin field trips
Georgia Standards of Excellence covered on a field trip to Jaemor Farms:
First Grade:
S1CS1.a, S1L1, S1L1.a, S1L1.c, SS1E1, SS1E3
Second Grade:
S2CS1.a, S2E3.a, S2L1, S2L1.b, S2L1.c, S2P2, SS2E3
Third Grade:
S3L1, S3L1.b, SS3E1
Fourth Grade:
S4L1, S4L1.a, S4L1.b, SS4E1, SS4E1.b, SS4E1.f, MCC4.MD.1
Fifth Grade:
S5Cs4, S5CS6, Ss51.b, SS5E1.e, SS5E2.a, SS5E3, SS5E3.a

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