Our U-Pick Fields are open Saturdays and Sundays this summer.
U-Pick dates for peaches and flowers vary by availability and weather. Check our social media for the latest updates.


Related to cherries, peaches, apricots, almonds and plums, ripe and homegrown nectarines are an irresistible treat. At Jaemor, we grow them by the bushel, and are happy for you to try this flavor-packed fruit. Be careful to make sure your nectarines are fully ripe and ready to eat, as fresh-picked nectarines can be a little bitter. Determining ripeness is easy, however, through a quick squeeze. You want it soft but not mushy, and it will also give off a subtle sweet scent. If you’re worried about the produce you’ve purchased at a nectarine farm, you can always place them in a paper bag with a banana and leave it at room temperature. Wonderful in pies and cakes, the nectarine also makes a great topping for dessert and a wonderful salsa ingredient.

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