Our U-Pick Fields are open Saturdays and Sundays this summer.
U-Pick dates for peaches and flowers vary by availability and weather. Check our social media for the latest updates.

White Runner Beans

Baskets full of white runner beansThe most popular green bean in north Georgia, white runner beans have been a staple at Jaemor for years. Delicious fresh or canned for winter, this versatile food makes a great addition to any meal. And its buttery, creamy consistency makes it particularly well paired with cornbread, though it also goes great in soups, salads and pastas, or even on its own. One cup of runner beans contains around 30 calories, as well as 20 percent of your daily vitamin C allowance, not to mention plenty of antioxidants to promote heart health. These beans reach their peak season in late June at the farm and we harvest until the beginning of fall.

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