Apple with bite taken out of it in front of Jaemor Farm Market in AltoOne of the most cultivated and well-known crops throughout written history, the apple is still a firm favorite. During apple season Jaemor Farms specializes in east coast apples. While we grow Ginger Gold and Arkansas Black apples at the farm and harvest in late September/Early October, due to our working relationships with other farms we are able to bring in fresh Gala, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Fuji, Winesap, Mutsu, Red Rome, among other varieties each fall when in season. We ensure that, even in our offseason, we have a fresh supply of tasty apples available.


Which apple is the right bite for your appetite?

Person putting apples in a bag
Early Season: July-August
Mid-Season: Late August-Late September
Late Season: October-December

Gala: This variety of apples is available early in the season and is best used as a snack or in salads. Sweet and mellow with a hint of a vanilla-like flavor. Juicy, crispy yellow flesh with thinner skin.

Jonathan: This medium-sized, tart apple is excellent for snacking, cooking, and canning. The early tart flavor adds an excellent addition to dinner, dessert, or afternoon snack.

Ginger Gold: This golden variety arrives around the beginning of August and greets the consumer with a sweet and aromatic flavor. It has a great mixture of sweet and tart. This apple is excellent for snacking, baking, and cooking.

Mutsu: This fruit is yellow-green in color and has a sweet-tart, crisp taste. These apples are suitable for all-purpose use and are available mid to late season.

Red Rome: This fruit is red to red-striped and has a medium-tart to sweet flavor. These apples are primarily used for baking and cooking and are available mid- to late season.

Arkansas Black: These crispy, juicy tasting apples are usually very dark red or nearly black in color (hence the name). These all-purpose apples are available late in the season.

Golden Delicious: This sweet fruit is yellow in color and has a tangy, juicy taste. This is an excellent all-purpose apple with a mid-season availability.

Red Delicious: This variety is striped to solid-red in color and has a rich, sweet taste. These apples are best when used as a snack or in a salad.

Granny Smith: These tart apples are usually green, and some may have a pink or red blush. These apples are especially good for baking, but the taste is suitable for all-purpose use. This variety is available mid- to late season.

Stayman-Winesap: These apples are a deep purplish-red and sometimes have a russeted hue. The rich, juicy mildly-tart taste has a wine-like flavor. This variety is available in mid-season. These apples are great for baking, cooking, and snacking.

Fuji: Available in October, this apple is very sweet and juicy. Fuji apples have a dense, crispy flesh with thicker skin. Great for baking, cooking, and snacking.

Cameo: This apple has sweet-tart flavor with hints of honey and citrus. Dense, creamy, yellow texture with thin skin. Cameo is a good snacking apple that becomes available in October.

Jonagold: Distinctive honey-tart flavor apple available in September. All-purpose apple thus, great for baking, cooking and snacking.

Honeycrisp: Well-balanced sweet-tart flavored apple that is ripe in September. Honeycrisp apples are great for snacking and cooking but are not recommended for baking. Juicy and coarse, creamy colored flesh. Hearty crunch and thin skin.

McIntosh: An apple that is aromatic and mildly tart. McIntosh apples are all-purpose with bright white flesh and a snappy bite. They have a thicker skin and become available in September.

Pink Lady: Very crisp, first bite is sweet but ends with a tangy tartness flavor. Pink Lady apples have a crunchy bite with thicker skin. This apple is great for baking and snacking and becomes available from mid-October to November.

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