Our U-Pick Fields are open Saturdays and Sundays this summer.
U-Pick dates for peaches and flowers vary by availability and weather. Check our social media for the latest updates.


Man holding a flat of strawberriesThere’s little more refreshing on a hot day than a cup of cold, fresh strawberries. Whether you drizzle cream over them, mix them into pies, cakes or ice cream, garnish a salad with them or just cut the tops off and eat them whole, strawberries are a worthy treat. Better yet, they are immensely nutritious. A cup of strawberries (approximately eight berries) represents less than 50 calories while providing a great source of Vitamins A, B and C, antioxidants, potassium, manganese and iron.

Small basket of strawberries in front of Jaemor Farm Market in AltoThere’s something so eye-pleasing about that ruby-red treat, and our strawberry farm devotes 13 acres to harvesting from 150,000 plants, making it one of our top-selling produce items. And if you’re interested in those strawberry treats, we offer already-made strawberry goodies as well, including our famous Strawberry Million Dollar Pie.

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