Muscadines & Scuppernongs

Man picking muscadines and scuppernongsWant to talk about local? Well, muscadines are an original local – in fact they one of the very few grape species native to the United States. These southern grapes come in a variety of colors and sizes, ranging from bronze to black when they are ripe. A popular species of muscadine grape is the scuppernong, notable for its large white grape-like appearance. You can differentiate the two as ripened scuppernong grapes are a green color and muscadines are a darker purple, almost black. A great low-calorie snack (65 calories per one-half cup), these sweet delicacies are loaded with anti-oxidants and fiber. They can also make wine, which is done increasingly throughout the southeast. Our muscadines and scuppernongs ripen August-September.

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