U-PICK TULIPS PICKED OUT: We are no longer selling tickets for U-Pick Tulips. Our event for Sunday, March 12 has been CANCELLED. We will not have peach blossom photos or tulips. Thank you!


Man holding a large box full of tomatoesFor some of our visitors, a good tomato tops even the sweetest peach or strawberry. We know just how important a good, ripe tomato is to so many, and we strive to provide the most flavorful tomatoes around. One small tomato provides an amazingly-low 16 calories. Beyond that they are chock full of lycopene — a carotenoid and antioxidant that promotes great bone health. And a cup of tomatoes also provides about a third of your daily recommended dose of Vitamins C and A. So whether you’re making salsa, marinara sauce, or just in the mood for a juicy raw one, Jaemor is the tomato farm you’re looking for.

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