Fresh Watermelon in Georgia

Nothing says summertime like a juicy and ripe slice of watermelon! First cultivated in Africa thousands of years ago, watermelon has become a staple summer food and the most-consumed melon in the United States.
Our family has been growing watermelons for several years, but our crop isn't ready for harvest until August, unlike melons grown in South Georgia.

Georgia is one of the leading watermelon-growing states in the United States and at Jaemor Farms our watermelons are ripe and ready during late July and August.

When picking out a watermelon to take home, look for one that is dark green, symmetrical, and contains few dents and cuts. A ripe watermelon will be pink-red on the inside whereas an unripe watermelon will be a more pale pink.
Although watermelon contains 92 percent water, it’s 100 percent versatile and you can do more with it than you ever thought! Naturally, watermelon is always a welcome addition to fruit or traditional salads, but try freezing it to make a popsicle that’s sure to be a hit at gatherings. Additionally, watermelon sherbet and watermelon lemonade are surefire ways to cool down on those hot summer days. Many people assume that the watermelon rind is inedible, but they’re wrong! In fact, pickled watermelon rind has been a traditional Southern food for generations!
Watermelon, like other fruit, is rich in Vitamin-C and contains around 20 percent of your daily value. Additionally, it contains about 17 percent of your daily Vitamin-A intake which promotes skin and eye health. One cup of diced watermelon has about 45 calories, but most people eat watermelon in slices and each slice has about 85 calories making watermelon a healthy treat to snack on at lunch.
If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about our delicious watermelons and their availability, contact us today! We do not wholesale watermelons, we just have them available for families to purchase in our roadside farm markets in Alto and Commerce!