Tomatoes in Georgia

Tomatoes in GeorgiaFirst cultivated in Mexico, and then spread across the world once the Spanish brought them back to Europe, the tomato is a staple crop in the United States. At Jaemor Farms, the tomato remains one of our most popular produce items during the month of July when it is at the peak of its season. A ripe tomato will be the rich red, familiar to all and should be a uniform shade from the stem to the bottom of the tomato. While many people think that you can tell how ripe a tomato is by its firmness, this is simply not true.
One small whole tomato (91g) has approximately 16 calories. Amazing, right? Tomatoes are also one of the best sources of lycopene that you can get. Lycopene is a carotenoid and antioxidant that has been shown to be a great bone health promoter. Additionally, one cup of tomato contains about a third of your Vitamin C and Vitamin A daily value.
Our tomatoes make the perfect “T” in a BLT or taste great on their own between two slices of one of our four specialty breads (cheddar, jalapeño-cheddar, multi-grain, and sourdough) with a dollop of mayonnaise. Use our tomatoes in a salsa or marinara sauce recipe and you will settle for less never again!
Jaemor Farms is known for our fresh delicious produce and tomatoes remain one of our top selling vegetables. If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about our tomatoes and their availability, contact us today!