Georgia Peaches

*If you're looking for a certain variety, please call ahead to make sure we have that peach available! You can also check our Facebook page for updates.*

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- Loring
- Sugar Giant
- July Flame
- July Prince
- Scarlett Prince
- Carogem
- Georgia Belle

**Last update: 7/22/16

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There is nothing better than biting into a mouth-watering Georgia peach hand-picked fresh from the farm at Jaemor. We harvest thirty varieties of peaches, each with their own distinct and delightful flavor. Our beautiful southern state, Georgia is recognized as the Peach State because of its diverse climates and range of regions from subtropical to mountainous, allowing farmers to produce the best tasting peaches. Jaemor has been farming Georgia peaches for over one hundred years with 120-acres devoted to its peach orchard.

Peaches are produced for 16-18 weeks out of the year with ripening dates beginning in June and ending in mid-September. When selecting ripened peaches, it is important to look for a creamy yellow or golden undertone. Also, if judging ripeness based on color, a white peach will turn “whiter” as it ripens. The red or blush coloring is not an indicator of ripeness; it is however an indication of that particular type of peach or of the amount of sunlight it received during maturity. Other ripening signs that have proven to be true are smell and touch. A ripened peach will have a pleasantly sweet smell and be soft to the touch. Not mistaken to be mushy, but the peach will give slightly when you squeeze it.    

Not only are Georgia peaches so incredibly delicious, they are also nutritious. Don’t let the sweetness of this little natural goodness fool you; they are a great source of antioxidants and vitamins including A & C. Peaches are also rich in fiber, carbohydrates, potassium, iron and energy. With more than 80% of peaches composed of water, each serving is approximately 40 calories and contains less than one gram of fat. Georgia peaches are a little taste of heaven, virtually fat free and packed with nutrients.

These naturally sweet treats are also ideal for preparing a scrumptious dessert or fruit dish. If you love peaches, then we have the perfect recipes!! You don’t want to miss trying Jaemor’s famous Nanny’s Peach Pudding, Mimi's Peach Tea, and a favorite of all southern residents, Peach Cobbler.

If you're looking for a certain variety, please give us a call at either of our markets to ensure we have that flavor available!








Spring Prince (cling)   June 1-15 can, bake, eat
Flavorich (cling) June 1-15 can, bake, eat
CaroRed (cling) June1-15 can, bake, eat
Ruby Prince (cling) June 15-25 can, bake, eat
*Spring Snow (cling, white) June 15-25 can, bake, eat
Rich Lady (cling) June 20-30 can, bake, eat
CaroKing (cling) June 20-30 can, bake, eat
June Prince (cling) June 20-30 can, bake, eat
Coronet (semi cling) June 20-July 4 can, bake, eat
*Karla Rose Nectarine (semi cling) June 25-July 10 eat, freeze
Cary Mac (free stone) July 4-20 can, bake, freeze, eat 
*Nectar (free stone) July 10-25 eat, freeze
Fireprince (free stone) July 10-25 can, bake, freeze, eat 
Carogem (free stone)
July 15-30 can, bake, freeze, eat 
Loring (free stone) July 12-28 can, bake, freeze, eat 
24-007  (free stone) July 15-30 can, bake, freeze, eat 
*Sugar Giant (free stone) July 15-30 eat, freeze
Red Gold Nectarine (free stone) July 20-31  can, bake, freeze, eat 
*Georgia Belle (free stone) July 28-August 15 eat, freeze
Elberta (free stone) August 1-15 can, bake, freeze, eat 
Sunprince (free stone) August 1-15 can, bake, freeze, eat 
Redskin (free stone) August 1-15 can, bake, freeze, eat 
Jersey Queen (free stone) August 10-22 can, bake, freeze, eat 
O'Henry (free stone) August 15-30 can, bake, freeze, eat 
*White Rose (free stone) August 15-30 eat, freeze
Big Red (free stone) August 25-September 8 can, bake, freeze, eat 
Autumn Prince (free stone) August 25-September 10 can, bake, freeze, eat 
Fairtime (free stone) September 1-15 can, bake, freeze, eat 


* White Flesh

Last updated: 7/8/16