White Runner Beans

White Runner BeansWhite runner beans are the most popular green bean in the mountains of North Georgia. Our parents and grandparents grew these beans to eat fresh in the summer and to can and store in the pantry to have in the winter. At Jaemor Farms, white runner beans reach their peak season during June and are easy to spot ripe due to their healthy, leafy-green color.
The pods can be eaten by themselves and the seeds can be eaten as fresh beans or stored as they freeze very well and have a long shelf life when stored properly. While the white runner bean pod is edible, it must be eaten quickly before it becomes fibrous and chewy. White runner bean seeds have a meaty and creamy texture and a flavorful and buttery flavor that some find comparable to that of a potato. They make a great addition to any meal and particularly pair well with cornbread. People often find that their smooth texture and sweet flavor are great for using in soups, salads and pastas or on their own as a side dish.
One cup of these green beans only has approximately 30 calories, so feel free to indulge in a few cups! One cup of white runners contains 20 percent of your daily Vitamin-C intake, which supports eye health and strengthens the immune system. Additionally, white runners are a great source of antioxidants, which promotes a healthy heart.
If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about our nutritious white runner beans and their availability, contact us today!