Are you as cool as a cucumber? The internal temperature of a cucumber is usually 20° cooler than the temperature outside. Originally from Southern Asia, these crisp, green, vegetables are actually fruit!  Pickled cucumbers, or simply pickles, as some people call them, are the product of regular everyday cucumbers that have been freshly cut, placed in a pickling solution, and have had time to age.

The low-calorie cucumber is a great way to snack healthy because it’s up to 95 percent water. With fresh cucumbers, there will be no need for a multivitamin because it contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, Zinc, and many more. You can eat them by themselves, make sandwiches out of them, or just toss them into a salad.        


Buy a jar of homegrown pickles online for your kitchen or as a gift. To learn more about our fresh produce contact us today! Don’t forget to check out our U-pick event schedule and other fun farm activities


Last updated: 5/23/17