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Apple Varieties*If you're looking for a certain variety, please call ahead to make sure we have that apple available! You can also check our Facebook page for updates.*Please scroll to the bottom of this page for our apple variety list.

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Empire (Similar to McIntosh)
Granny Smith
Golden Delicious
Red Rome
Red Delicious
Arkansas Black
Pink Lady 

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Apples are historically one of the most cultivated crops across various cultures and have been the subject of mythology, religion, and artwork for centuries. Why? Maybe it’s the wide range of colors, flavors, and texture ranging from scarlet red, crisp, and sweet to emerald green, creamy and tart; or maybe it’s just because there are few other sensations as satisfying as biting into a fresh and crisp apple when it’s perfectly ripe. Regardless, here at Jaemor's apple orchard, you can choose from the eight varieties of apples we harvest, each with their own unique and delicious flavor.
Apples are produced for approximately twelve weeks out of the year with ripening dates beginning in Early August and ending in late October. When picking out apples from our market to take home, many people are surprised to learn that color isn’t the best indicator for ripeness due to the fact that apples have such a variety of color shades. A ripened apple will be crisp and firm. Of course you can always talk to one of our friendly employees with questions about specific apple varieties.

Apple Varieties

  • Ginger Gold - Early August
  • Gala - Late August
  • Golden Delicious - Mid September
  • Mutsu - Late September
  • Red Rome - Late September
  • Winesap - Early October
  • Fuji - Late October
  • Arkansas Black - Late October

Green Apples at Jaemor FarmsIt might just be true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away considering all of the nutritional power these fruits consist off. According to the USDA, a medium sized apple contains 126 calories making for a great and healthy snack to stave off mid-afternoon hunger. Apples are a great source of fiber with anywhere from 3 to 6 grams of fiber and additionally are fantastic sources of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and more!
Eat it raw, toss it in a salad, bake it into a pie or crumble, or cook it into sauce or butter; apples are truly one fruit that can be enjoyed any way you want them. Here at Jaemor we serve apple pie the traditional way or with fried or dried apples. Or we welcome you to sink your teeth into one of our apple donuts or apple sweet breads with a crisp and cold glass of the freshest apple cider in the state of Georgia!


Jaemor Farms has over 6 acres and 8,000 devoted to our apple orchard and apples remain one of our top selling produce. If you are interested in purchasing or learning more about our delicious apples and their availability, contact us today!


NOTE: During the fall we carry 14 or so varieties of apples. If we don't grow them, bring them in from North Carolina, Pennsylvania or Virginia - East Coast Apples. During the off-season, most of our apples come from Washington state.


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