The Deli at Commerce

In February 2015, we opened our first deli counter in Jaemor history at our market in Commerce at Banks Crossing. Serving Troyer Deli Meats and Cheeses, stop by to have some freshly sliced for your family and/or grab a homemade sandwich to enjoy while shopping or on your lunch break!

Click here for directions to our market and deli in Commerce.


  • Sandwich only: $4.99 {Choice of bread, cheese, 4 oz. of meat, fresh toppings}
  • Farm fresh salad: $6.99
  • Sandwich combo: $6.99 {Includes sandwich, choice of side, drink}
  • Additional side items: $1.25; Side items include: chips, potato salad, and macaroni salad
  • Warm Soup (*Limited time only; call for soup of the day flavor): 8 oz. cup $1.99, 12 oz. cup $2.99

**Deli meats are available at our market in Commerce ONLY. Prices and availability of deli meats are subject to change. We DO sell deli sandwiches in Alto, though!**

Deli Meat list:

Virginia Ham $4.99/lb.
Black Forest Ham $5.39/lb.
Smokehouse Ham $5.29/lb.
Off the Bone Ham $5.69/lb.
Honey Ham $4.99/lb.
Tavern Smoked Turkey Breast $6.99/lb.
Pan Roasted Turkey Breast $5.99/lb.
Honey Roasted Turkey Breast $5.99/lb.
Cajun Style Turkey Breast $6.99/lb.
Turkey Breast (Reduced Sodium) $5.99/lb.
Santa Fe Turkey $5.99/lb.
Peppercorn Turkey $5.99/lb.
Kettle Fried Chicken Breast $5.99/lb.
Buffalo Chicken Breast $5.99/lb.
Deluxe Bologna $1.99/lb.
Pepperoni $6.79/lb.
Hard Salami $5.29/lb.
Roasted Beef $8.99/lb.
Hickory Smoked Pork Loin $3.99/lb.

Deli Cheese list:
Natural Colby Cheese $4.29/lb.
Marble Cheese $4.69/lb.
Guggisiberg Baby Swiss Cheese $7.09/lb.
American Swiss Cheese $4.49/lb.
Swiss Cheese $6.59/lb.
Yellow American Cheese Slices $3.69/lb.
White American Cheese Slices $3.69/lb.
Muenster Jalapeno Cheese $4.89/lb.
Muenster Cheese $4.39/lb.
Mozzarella Cheese $4.39/lb.
Provolone Cheese $4.49/lb.
Smoked Cheddar Cheese $5.59/lb.
Aged White Cheddar $7.59/lb.
Cheddar Cheese $4.99/lb.
Cheddar Horeseradish Cheese $7.09/lb.
Habanero & Jalapeno Cheese $8.69/lb.
Green Onion Cheese $4.79/lb.
Natural Farmers Cheese $4.99/lb.
Hot Pepper Cheese $5.89/lb.
Bacon Cheese $4.79/lb.
Hoop Cheese $5.89/lb.
Natural Pepper Jack Cheese $4.99/lb.
Butter Cheese $7.29/lb.
Sriracha Cheese $4.99/lb.
Bruschetta Jack Cheese $4.99/lb.
Cheddar Garlic Cheese $5.49/lb.


Last updated: 7/10/2017