Gift Baskets & Product Boxes

A food gift basket is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Holidays, birthdays, client appreciation events and more -- everyone loves a gift with good taste! Custom orders are available, or you can choose from one of our prepared gift baskets. Order online or pick-up at our market. You can even put together your own gift basket while you're there.

Click HERE to order your gift boxes online! Don't see what you like? Call our market in Commerce to have a custom gift box shipped to your door! Commerce market number: 706.335.0999. Gift boxes must be ordered by December 15th for a guranteed shipping arrival (ground shipping) by Christmas Day!

Custom Gift Baskets

If interested in a custom basket, view the list of products that you can choose from to customize your gift basket! Our markets also can make custom fruit baskets of all sizes. Call our market closest to you for pricing on custom fruit baskets.

Interested in ordering gift boxes/fruit baskets for your company? Contact Caroline today for more details!


Georgia Gift Basket

Georgia Gift Box

12 oz. Vidalia Onion BBQ Sauce
9 oz. Peach Preserves
12 oz. Vidalia Onion Creamy Country Dressing
6.5 oz. bag of Fried Peanuts

6.5 oz. bag of Peanut Brittle
12 oz. Honey Bear
32 oz. Pickled Peaches


Apple Gift Box


Apple Gift Box

9 oz. Apple Jelly
9 oz. Apple Butter
1 qt. Dried apples
16 oz. Apple Cider
12 oz. Hot Cinnamon Apple Syrup


Southern Food Gift Basket

Old Fashioned Gift Box

32 oz. Pickled Peaches
18 oz. Mild Chow Chow
12 oz. Red Band Candy
2.5 oz. Pecan Log
12 oz. Country Ham
16 oz. Sorghum Syrup


Peach Gift Box

Peach Gift Box

32 oz. Pickled Peaches
9 oz. Peach Butter
5 oz. Vidalia Onion Peach Hot Sauce
16 oz. Peach Cider
18 oz. Peach Salsa
9 oz. Homegrown Peach Preserves
1 lb. Peach Candy Twists


Sausage and Cheese Gift

Snack Gift Box

8 oz. Crackers
12 oz. Summer Sausage
4 oz. Cheddar Cheese
4 oz. Green Onion Cheese
4 oz. Hot Pepper Cheese
4 oz. Smoked Cheddar Cheese


Salsa Gift Set

Salsa Gift Box

18 oz. Peach Salsa
18 oz. Mild Salsa
18 oz. Black Bean Salsa


BBQ Sauce Gift Set

Grilling Box

12 oz. Red Bell Pepper Marinade
12 oz. Ribeye Steak Sauce
12 oz. Vidalia Onion BBQ Sauce
12 oz. Sweet House BBQ Sauce
12 oz. Vidalia Onion Steak Sauce



Jelly Gift Set

Sample Gift Box

5 oz. Blackberry Preserves
5 oz. Strawberry Preserves
5 oz. Hot Pepper Jelly
5 oz. Fig Preserves
5 oz. Mild Pepper Jelly
5 oz. Peach Preserves
5 oz. Apple Butter
5 oz. Concord Grape Jelly



Assorted Jelly Gift Box
Price: $26.95

Assorted Gift Box

9 oz. Seedless Blackberry Jam
9 oz. Old Fashioned Apple Butter
9 oz. Strawberry Preserves
9 oz. Peach Jam
16 oz. Peach Salsa

Standard Peck and Gallon Fruit Baskets
Price: $17.99 Peck   $11.99 Gallon CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Standard Peck & Gallon Fruit Baskets

Choose from, bread basket ($7.99+), gallon and peck sizes. (Pictured are the gallon and peck baskets)
Specialty Baskets
Price: $15.00 and up CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Specialty Baskets

Gift Baskets with any products from our list of over 150 items. Choose a basket with just fruit, fruit and product, or product only.

View item list.